Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Healing sessions and Distant Healing sessions

Animal Reiki sessions



Holy Fire/Usui Reiki classes and Holy Fire Karuna classes with recordings of guided meditations from class.


I have been a Reiki practitioner for many years and have been trained by several eiki teachers including William Lee Rand who has been teaching Reiki all over the world for over 21 years. I am a hypnotherapist and registered nurse specialising in oncology my main role now managing a cancer Information and support centre. Alongside this role I have been lead complementary therapist in our cancer centre for 17 years teaching and training many of our therapists and nurses.I have also been an Angel Intuitive for many years.

 I offer you Holy Fire Reiki Classes whereby you become a Reiki healer able to give yourself and others this powerful healing energy. I also offer healing sessions in person or by distance healing as well as hypnotherapy.  

Please see Holy Fire Reiki section for more information on this wonderful energy which has been with a growing number of  Reiki healers since 2014 or look on William Lee Rands website www.reiki.org

Part of your healing may involve this life or past life healing, releasing the cause of a problem, relationship, situation or illness, spirit attachment release and the part of you that may have allowed that. 

I will send you recordings of any healing meditations as needed called Holy Love experiences where the Holy Fire energy will give the healing appropriate each time you listen to the recording.

 Thank you for visiting my site. Please call or email me if you have any questions or for any further information.